I was inspired to create and write code for this graphic image after seeing some students create similar grid drawings during the assignment described below.                                          Mrs. Ossorio

In the following pages you will see the results of several Technology Applications classes of 7th/8th grade students who dove into drawing with Dr. Scheme commands in a 3-4 class project. The students did not have a programming background. I give the assignment in May each year to give the students a little taste of programming. Some students choose to enroll in my Advanced Technology class their 8th grade year.

Project Overview:

The resulting image, i.e. program output, has been saved as a GIF image file for display. Some students had class time to create a webpage to display their GIF image. Their webpages are linked below.

Computer Power 2004-05

TechApps Period 2, May 2004

TechApps Period 3, May 2004

TechApps Period 5, May 2004   <<Pages include student reflection “Dr. Scheme what I learned...”

TechApps Period 7, May 2004  <<Pages include student reflection “Dr. Scheme what I learned...”

TechApps Period 1 May, 2003

TechApps Period 3, May 2003

TechApps Period 5, May 2003


This Dr.Scheme programming environment is available for free online at www.htdp.org along with the text book. Training for use of Dr.Scheme and the htdp curriculum was funded and provided by The TeachScheme! Project.

Additional support for the authors work has been received via a Fund for Teachers grant and a Houston A+ Challenge Teacher as Researcher (TAR) grant.

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