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The following lessons are written for use with the Dr.Scheme programming environment which can be downloaded for free at

You will also find an online textbook "How to Design Programs" which is the textbook referenced and linked for some of the required readings for these lessons.

I learned about these curriculum resources when I attended the NSF grant funded summer intensive workshop TeachScheme! in 2001. I had been looking for a way to teach programming to my second year technology students (8th graders) and prefer using a free resource so that there are no financial barriers either in the classroom or at home.


Beginning Dr.Scheme mini-lesson


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You will find more lessons in module format at Karen North's webpages ,

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This Dr.Scheme programming environment is available for free online at along with the text book. Training for use of Dr.Scheme and the htdp curriculum was funded and provided by The TeachScheme! Project.

Additional support for the authors work has been received via a Fund for Teachers grant and a Houston A+ Challenge Teacher as Researcher (TAR) grant.