Graphing linear functions: Assignment 1

  1. Open Dr.Scheme Cartesian Plane file

    from KNorth teaching website

  2. Save Definitions as: graph1_lastname.scm
  3. "Run" your file to see what the Cartesian Plane canvas looks like
  4. Type your name as a comment on the first line of your Dr.Scheme file
  5. Copy the following “Clue 1 - Graphing Lines” comments from this page into Dr.Scheme file
  6. Read and interpret the “CLUES”
  7. Use the "line" function (a draw command) to graph the line segments which create the graph of the linear equation
  8. Solve the linear equation, and type it in slope intercept form as a comment on the last line of your Dr.Scheme file
  9. Save Definitions
  10. Turn in your completed work by putting a copy of your graph1_lastname.scm file in my network folder
Challenge yourself to race against the clock.  The first 5 students to complete the assignment and have correct answers will earn O$$orio$$ Buck$, save the file as soon as you finish and turn it in.  (Hint: I will check the Dr.Scheme file to see the time and date your work was saved. Don’t save a second time after you have created your graph (and typed your linear equation) because it will change the time of your file! )


;;-------------------> Clue 1 - Graphing lines <-------------

;;Task: Graph a Linear Equation by using the following clues

;;The y-intercept is -30

;;The x-intercept is 40

;;The slope is ( 3/4 )

;;The line passes through the point (120,60)

;;The line passes through the point (-40,-60)

;;The line is parallel to the line y = (3/4)x + 70


;;Use these clues to draw a line on the cartesian plane.

;;You will call the LINE function 1-3 times to draw line segments which make a graph of this linear equation (a continuous line)

;;You may plot more points along the line, and draw more line segments

;;Remember, in Dr.Scheme write the linear equation at the bottom of the file as a comment.